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Otaniemi is a fast-developing area that continuously welcomes interesting new services and concepts. We provide versatile retail premises in shopping center A Bloc and shopping centre A Blanc as well as elsewhere in the campus area.
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The customer base in Otaniemi is young, active and innovative. A range of lifestyles are represented on the streets of this international and diverse residential and business area. The services in Otaniemi are developed to be more comprehensive, and the composition of the service selection in the area is considered in the planning. In addition to shopping center A Bloc and shopping centre A Blanc, Otaniemi has plenty of room for restaurants, services and new concepts.

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Shopping center A Bloc

Shopping center A Bloc, opened in the fall of 2018 in connection with the metro station, forms the centre of the campus, the Metro block, together with the new building of the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the School of Business, and public transport connections. A Bloc houses restaurants and cafés, specialty stores, grocery stores, a pharmacy, Alko and a pop-up space for visiting vendors. Together with retailers and students, the shopping center develops new retail concepts and innovative ideas for shopping centers through its innovation collaboration platform. A Bloc won the NCSC Finland's Best Innovation 2019 award and is rightly Finland's most innovative shopping center.

A Bloc

Finland's most innovative shopping centre is located in connection with the Aalto University metro station.
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Ostoskeskus A Blanc ja edusta

Shopping centre A Blanc

The renovation and modernisation work of the building previously known as the old shopping centre, designed by Alvar Aalto, has been completed in May 2021. With the modernisation, the building was renovated to serve diverse business operations and the construction engineering of the building was renewed. The stores of A Blanc offer local services that support everyday life, as well as meeting places with restaurants, stores and office space. In the future, shopping centre A Blanc and shopping center A Bloc will act as a concentration of leisure and services on campus and support each other by offering diverse services and facilities.

A Blanc

Renewed shopping centre A Blanc on the edge of Alvarinaukio is the second service concentration on the campus. A Blanc offers local services to support everyday life, as well as meeting places with restaurants, stores and office space.
Otaniemi's shopping centre leasable retail premises
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