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ACRE is located at Rakentajanaukio 4. On this page you can find our contact information.
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Rakentajanaukio 4 
02150 Espoo

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Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy
PL 12600, 00076 Aalto

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Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy 
Business ID: 2842681-2
EDI ID: 003728426812
Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Operator code: E204503
aaltoyliopistokiinteistotoy.FI.P.114851-9 (at)

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Aalto-yliopistokiinteistöt Oy
PL 43602


Invoicing addresses for MRECs

Invoicing addresses for MRECs

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Otaniemi campus map
Aalto University metro station Tuomas Uusheimo-180921-aalto-metro-031

The public transport connections to Otaniemi are excellent. The main entrance to the Aalto University’s metro station is located on the west side of Aalto University. The other entrance is located in connection to the VTT building at Tietotie 4. The metro runs every 2.5–5 minutes and the trip to Otaniemi (Aalto University) from Kamppi in Helsinki takes 11 minutes.

More detailed information on schedules and public transport connections to Otaniemi can be found with HSL’s Reittiopas service:


Leasing and Sales

Jenna Isokuortti

Head of Leasing and Sales (on leave until autumn 2022)

Satu Kankaala

Head of Leasing and Sales & Head of Business Development and Sustainability

Susanna Aspia

Asset Manager (On leave)

Mirka Elovaara

Account Manager, Facility Sales

Nelli Eriksson

Marketing Manager

Leigh Ewin

Community Manager (A Grid)

Kati Gustafsson

Account Manager, Facility Sales

Sini Seppälä

Leasing Manager

Ulla Sinisalo

Account Manager

Property and Campus Services

Jukka-Pekka Salmisto

Head of Property and Campus Services

Marko Hämäläinen

Property Manager

Janet Laakso

Property Assistant

Pasi Lehto

Senior Security Advisor

Minna Lindroos

Property Manager

Tanie Lund

Security Assistant

Mia Mustonen

Facility Coordinator

Jesse Nieminen

Indoor Climate Specialist

Tanja Pietikäinen

Property Coordinator

Mari Pitkänen

Property Manager

Lassi Soininen

Property Manager

Tony Wallius

Facility Coordinator

Construction Management

Jarmo Wilander

Director, Construction Management

Tarmo Havunta

Construction Project Manager

Tuomas Kostia

Construction Project Manager

Jussi Raappana

LVIA-project manager

Mika Virtanen

Project Manager, Electricity

Business Development & Sustainability

Satu Kankaala

Head of Business Development and Sustainability

Pia Ojanperä

Executive Assistant

Aapo Pihkala

Project Manager, sustainability and landscape

Antti Säynäjoki

Development Manager

Milla Uusitalo

Digital Communications Specialist

Tuomo Uusitalo

Sustainability Coordinator

Workplace Development

Sari Dhima

Head of Workplace Development

Kaisa Kantokorpi

Interior Architect

Maria Krause

Interior Architect

Tuula Lindström-Knuutila


Pauliina Skyttä

Campus Architect

Tiina Rautanen

Workplace Coordinator


Tiina Raivio

Head of Finance

Elina Kilpi

Assistant Controller

Inka Paatelainen


Anne Piela

Assistant Controller

Emmi Ronkainen

Assistant Controller

Juhani Viherlaakso

Designer, premises

Management & Administration

Ville Jokela

Managing Director

Kari Haapamäki

Director, Facilities

Serina Kavonius

Legal Counsel

Dmitri Murtola

Procurement specialist

Anneli Myllypakka

Controller, Procurement

Laura Pyysalo


Kari Talvitie

Director, Property Development
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