Building a diverse Otaniemi

Our aim is to create an internationally known, interactive and versatile campus that supports cooperation with the businesses and other operators in the area. We want to create a campus that is more than just a place for studying and working.

Otaniemi has developed into a concentrated and versatile campus area, where students, researchers and businesses innovate together. The Aalto University campus is an excellent environment for lifelong learning.

A BLOC 27-9-2018 photo Mikko Raskinen

Our services

  • Property development
  • Construction
  • Leasing and renting
  • Real estate asset management and administration
  • Property maintenance and user services
    • Technical maintenance, cleaning, waste management, recycling and moving service coordination
  • Work environments
    • Facility development and space design and furniture, fixtures
  • Business development and sustainability
A Grid aula

Key facts 

  • Around 50 employees
  • Aalto University Campus & Real Estate is 100% owned by the Aalto-korkeakoulusäätiö foundation
  • Responsible for the administration of 22 joint-stock property companies and several jointly owned properties
  • Value of real estate assets around EUR 538 million (2021)
  • Aalto University is the largest user of our properties
  • Over 140 tenant businesses from start-ups to large international enterprises
ACRE as employer
Ville Jokela

Together we are developing Otaniemi into a unique meeting place and the most inspiring campus in the world!

Ville Jokela, Managing Director

Get to know the Otaniemi campus

Our properties

A Bloc (external link)

Otaniementie 12

A Bloc avajaiset

Maarintalo (external link)

Sähkömiehentie 3


Saha (external link)

Konemiehentie 1

Saha ilmakuva

Valimo (external link)

Metallimiehenkuja 2

Valimo Metallimiehenkuja

Väre (external link)

Otaniementie 14

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