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Green Office is part of our everyday life

Green Office is an office-oriented environmental management system developed by WWF Finland. Its purpose is to help workplaces reduce their environmental footprint, increase employees' environmental awareness, and achieve cost savings. ACRE has been part of the Green Office community for over ten years.
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Why Green Office?

WWF Green Office was officially established in 2002, and the Green Office network includes over 200 organizations and companies from different fields. ACRE has been part of the Green Office network for over ten years and is an important part of our daily work. We want to promote environmental awareness and sustainable development goals while reducing the environmental impact of our office.

Training and involving our personnel in environmental matters are important steps for us in promoting sustainable development. The program requires regular monitoring and reporting, which helps us identify areas for improvement and enhance our actions in various areas of sustainable development.


Our Green Office themes:

  • Improving energy efficiency: We use LED lights, turn off unnecessary lights and devices, utilize energy-efficient equipment, adjust temperatures, and conduct campaigns to reduce staff energy consumption. We also regularly monitor energy consumption.
  • Bicycle commuting: We encourage our staff to bike to work and offer a company bicycle benefit. Additionally, we participate in the annual Kilometrikisa organized by the Finnish Cyclists' Federation and provide access to shower facilities.
  • Reducing printing: We have reduced paper usage by increasing electronic communication (e.g., electronic signatures) and storage. We also practice double-sided printing and recycle paper.
  • Healthy lifestyles: We favor plant-based catering options and encourage our staff to choose vegetarian alternatives whenever possible. Healthy lifestyles promote employee well-being and reduce sick leave.
  • Waste sorting: Our office provides comprehensive sorting facilities and instructions to ensure effective waste separation.

The Green Office certification signifies that ACRE's environmental management system aligns with WWF's criteria, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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For more information, you can visit the Green Office website

You can try WWF's Climate Calculator for free.

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