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We provide versatile office premises in Otaniemi and Töölö suitable for a small team or a company with hundreds of employees. Become a part of the growing campus!
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We have premises in Otaniemi and Töölö suitable for smaller startups or larger organisations. The versatile spaces are full of light and answer to all modern needs for offices. The operating environment at the campus is competitive and innovative. 

Our largest locations are the startup hub A Grid, located in the centre of the Otaniemi campus, and Aalto University Töölö, the former main building of the School of Business in Helsinki. In addition, we have several premises in Otaniemi suitable for offices.

A Grid, Martin Sommerschield

Startup hub A Grid

A Grid is one of the largest startup hubs in Northern Europe. It is a part of Aalto University’s startup ecosystem, which also comprises the Design Factory and Startup Sauna. A Grid is home to 150 startups, startup accelerators, established companies and partners. It provides office premises to startups and a direct connection to the networks, services, research infrastructure and competence of the Aalto University and the Otaniemi campus. A Grid is also a vibrant environment for entrepreneurship, services and events.

A Grid

A Grid is one of the largest concentrations of startups in Northern Europe, located in the heart of the Aalto University campus.
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Aalto Töölö A5-6 toimistotila_Tuomas Uusheimo

Aalto University Töölö

The recently renovated former main building of the School of Business was renamed Aalto University Töölö. Future Töölö will be a lively meeting place for Aalto University and the business sector, and the new home for Aalto University’s executive education services. Aalto Töölö has, for example, one of the most beautiful lecture halls in Finland, Restaurant Töölö open to all, spaces suitable for a variety of events as well as unique and modern office spaces with a lovely view over Töölö. The main user of the building is Aalto University Executive Education (Aalto EE).

Coworking premises – Aalto Campus Membership

With the Aalto Campus Membership, your company can join the Aalto community through coworking spaces located on the Otaniemi campus and built around the university's interdisciplinary themes.

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