Studies of vibration-sensitive sites along the Jokeri Light Rail route

Measurements of vibration-sensitive sites will be carried out along the Jokeri Light Rail route in Otaniemi on 3 May 2023. The measurements will be carried out with two trams during test runs.

Kuva: Mikko Raskinen

The vibration measurements will be carried out in the Aalto University area in Otaniemi on Wednesday 3 May. At the vibration-sensitive sites, the loaded trams will run at normal operating speed, and the measurements will be carried out at selected locations.

During the planning and construction of Jokeri Light Rail, the best possible preparations were made to ensure the smooth operation of properties during the work and to avoid structural breakdown. The purpose of the vibration measurements is to ensure the functioning of the planned solutions and the conditions for smooth operation when the light rail starts operating. 


Anne Kangasaho, [email protected] 
Pekka Taina, [email protected] 

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