Bicycle recycling is here again!

Once again, a scrap bicycle collection has been initiated at the Otaniemi campus. The purpose is to improve the daily lives of active cyclists in the area and promote a better bicycle parking culture. Check if your own bike has a colorful wristband and remove it before December 9, 2023, if your bike is in active use.

Every year, abandoned bicycles accumulate in the campus bike racks that are no longer in use. Abandoned or broken bikes take up space for active cyclists and make outdoor maintenance more difficult. The goal is to improve the daily lives of cyclists in Otaniemi while maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment.

This year, Aalto University Campus & Real Estate (ACRE) is organizing bicycle recycling at ACRE properties in the Otaniemi campus area. Cycling is prevalent in Otaniemi, and due to the high number of users, some bikes are left without an owner and are scattered around the bike racks.

All bikes will be marked with colorful wristbands starting Saturday, 18 November 2023. It is the bike owner's responsibility to remove the wristband from your own, in-use bike. Please also remind your colleagues who are not present to remove the wristbands from their bikes.

Bikes with a remaining wristband will be collected on 9 December 2023. Please remove the wristband from your own, in-use bike as soon as possible. Collected bikes in good condition will be taken to the Kierrätyskeskus, while the rest will be recycled.

The bicycle recycling is a great example of how a community can work together to improve the cleanliness of the area and provide practical solutions to issues that affect many campus users.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire further about the collection, you can contact:

Property Manager, Mikko Aho, ACRE
[email protected]

Head of Property and Campus Services, Jukka Salmisto, ACRE
[email protected]

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