Suggest how you would use 13,000 eur for the wellbeing of Aalto University students!

Submit your proposal by September 29, 2023, for a participatory budgeting project to improve student wellbeing on campus. A winner will be voted on from the feasible ideas within the year 2023.
Photo: Unto Rautio / Aalto University

The annual student participatory budgeting project "one euro for every student" is once again underway. The aim is to find a small-scale development project that can be implemented on a tight schedule on campus. We have 13,000 eur from the university's budget at our disposal.

Do you already have a suitable development idea in your mind?

Please submit your idea to us by September 29th using this form or by leaving your message at the end of this page (requires login).

You can seek inspiration for your idea from all three values of Aalto University; responsibility, courage, and collaboration. Please also consider the inclusivity, accessibility, and sustainability of your idea. Last year, the chosen project from participatory budgeting was nap pods, which were installed both in the U-wing of the Undergraduate Centre and near the Makerspace of the Harald Herlin Learning Centre. Students can book a napping pod for use via the Aalto Space application and rest for a moment, even in the middle of the day between lectures.

What makes an idea feasible?

  • The proposal's implementation should not require extensive construction work, foundations, or building permits. 
  • The proposal must be feasible on lands owned by Aalto University. Follow this link to access a map where the university's properties and areas are marked.

Leave your proposal via this form or write it in the conversation box below (sign-in needed) before 29 September 2023. Our project team will go through the ideas and will organize an open vote among the feasible proposals. The winning proposal will be implemented during spring-summer 2024.

More information: Aapo Pihkala (Project Manager / ACRE), [email protected]

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