KotiCharge EV charging point pilot starts at the Otaniemi campus

Piloting a new type of charging solution offers a spot market pricing based charging of electric cars and participation in the development of new technology and services. The KotiCharge charging point is located in the parking lot at Sähkömiehentie 4.
Charging point near Sähkömiehentie 4. Photo: Antti Säynäjoki / ACRE

KotiCharge, a start-up company operating in A Grid and developing charging solutions for electric cars, has developed a charging solution where 11 kW of charging power for electric cars can be provided in engine heating poles without significant system reforms.

The goal of the pilot is to verify the functionality of the KotiCharge charging solution. It includes functional verifications of core technology, charging speed and load management. The university's electrical experts and KotiCharge ensure the safety and basic functionality of the charging solution before starting the pilot. The duration of the pilot is one year.

The load management of the solution technically enables the intelligent use of chargers and engine heaters in the same network. The solution uses Type2 charging connectors and the system supports spot-based electricity pricing. The resource efficiency of the installations and smart charging and billing solutions enable both significantly lower investment costs for the property owner and a more affordable charging price for users.

The location of the charging point is marked on the map in red.

New charging point to be tested now

The new charging point is located in the Aalto Works block, in the parking lot at Sähkömiehentie 4. Pilot project offers Aalto University parking permit holders a spot market pricing based electric car charging and participation in the development of new technology and services.

The charging solution supports spot pricing and the price of charging at the start of the pilot is Nordpool's spot price + 0.10 euros / kWh. Pricing will be updated as needed as the pilot progresses. To use the charging point, you must register a user account for the KotiCharge application, which is currently available in the Google Play store and App Store. After this, the user can select a charger, start and end a charging session and pay for it through the application.

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