It is time to vote! How do we use 13,000 euros for the wellbeing of students?

At the beginning of the fall 2023, students were given the opportunity to brainstorm how the university should use 13,000 euros to improve student well-being on campus. Now it's time to vote for the best idea to be implemented during the spring of 2024.
Kuva: Unto Rautio / Aalto-yliopisto

At the start of the 2023 academic year, Aalto University's students were asked how they would like to spend 13,000 euros from the university's budget on small-scale campus development, with the theme of wellbeing on the campus. The brainstorming was based on the "one euro for each student" participatory budgeting project, which was now organized for the third time. The goal is to continuously develop the campus by involving students in decision-making.

A total of 28 ideas were received from the students. "Thank you to all the students who participated in the brainstorming! It was nice to see how interested we are in developing our shared campus - once again, only imagination was the limit to the suggestions. All ideas are taken into account, and the suggestions that were not included in this vote were forwarded to the respective parties responsible for those matters," says Head of Planning Raili Pönni.

The organizers of the project (representatives from the university, ACRE, and AYY) selected three proposals to be voted on this year. The selected proposals met the most important criteria of brainstorming, namely promoting student wellbeing, inclusivity, accessibility, sustainability, budget frame, and implementation schedule.

For more information about the participatory budgeting project, please contact ACRE's Project Manager Aapo Pihkala at [email protected].

Vote for the best idea by 30th November 2023!

It's time to vote on which of the shortlisted ideas will be implemented on campus during the spring-summer of 2024. Vote for the best idea here (voting form).

The winner will be announced at the beginning of 2024. You can familiarize yourself with the ideas up for voting below.

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