Aalto University's parking garage Otaparkki opens on January 1, 2024

The new parking garage opens next to Maarintalo on Sähkömiehentie at the beginning of January 2024. Otaparkki has space for over two hundred cars and a few bicycle parking spots.
Otaparkki (Sähkömiehentie 3) is designed by Helin & Co Architects. Photo: Milla Uusitalo / ACRE.

Aalto University's Otaniemi campus will open its first parking garage, Otaparkki, to all campus motorists and cyclists at the beginning of January 2024. Otaparkki will have space for about 260 cars, including 20 charging stations for electric vehicles, and a few bicycle spots.

The Otaniemi campus has a specific number of parking spaces defined in the city plan, which the soon-to-open parking garage will complement. Additionally, the campus development plan has aimed to centralize private car parking on the edges of the campus, preserving the core area for key actors and services. There has also been a significant demand for more bicycle parking spaces on campus.

"There have been very few covered parking spaces on campus, so the parking garage meets this need as well. The new Otaparkki blends seamlessly into the campus environment and adds more charging stations for electric vehicles, which has been a frequent request in our feedback," says Ville Jokela, Managing Director of Aalto University Properties Ltd (ACRE).

At Otaparkki with hourly billing or a monthly contract.

At Otaparkki, parking can be paid on an hourly basis or through a more affordable monthly contract, which allows parking not only in the parking garage but also on other paid parking spaces on campus. A parking permit from Aalto University is not required for Otaparkki; it is open to Aalto students and campus visitors as well.

With the completion of the parking garage, other changes will be made to the campus's parking policies, aligning the university's parking practices with those of the City of Espoo.

You can read more about these changes here: https://acre.aalto.fi/en/news/otaniemi-campus-area-parking-practices-to-be-harmonised-at-the-turn-of-the-year

For more information about the parking garage and campus parking policies: [email protected]

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