Aalto University as a pioneer in sustainable mobility

Aalto University aims to be among the pioneers of sustainable mobility. The sustainable mobility action plan drawn up in cooperation with the entire community lays the foundation for the development of the campus.
Photo: Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University

In the ongoing change in mobility, Aalto University aims to be a pioneer and boldly grasp international megatrends, such as the sharing economy, and electronic and automated transportation. Being a pioneer means looking at mobility from a sustainable development perspective and promoting it.

A sustainable mobility action plan has now been published for the Otaniemi campus, which also connects to Aalto's living strategy. The plan has been developed user-centrically and in close collaboration with the entire community. The basis of the plan includes a comprehensive mobility survey, workshops, and student interviews.

Investment in wellbeing and comfort

The sustainable mobility action plan aims to increase the proportion of trips made using sustainable modes of transport on the Otaniemi campus. It contains a vision and objectives also concrete suggestions for implementing the plan.

"Our vision is that it should be pleasant and easy for everyone; students, staff members, or visitors to arrive at the Otaniemi campus using sustainable means of transport. Diverse and accessible routes provide equal opportunity to move within the campus area. At its best, sustainable mobility is an investment in people's wellbeing and the comfort of the campus," says Project Manager Aapo Pihkala from ACRE.

The starting point for the development of the entire campus is to create a comfortable environment where innovations serve people and ensure the preservation of the area's cultural character and biodiversity. The sustainable mobility action plan also serves as one of the guidelines and background information for future campus development projects.

You can familiarize yourself with the Otaniemi campus sustainable mobility action plan report here. Then plan is now only in Finnish, English version will be added later.

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