Welcome Jokeri Light Rail together

Technical test runs in the direction of Otaniemi begin. The university will welcome the light rail in the form of a procession, starting from Maarintie 8. Come along!

This event is open to all.
Photo: Aalto University Campus and Real Estate / Milla Uusitalo

Welcome to Otaniemi, Jokeri Light Rail! The construction of the Jokeri light rail line has progressed to technical test runs. Otaniemi's turn is on 1 March 2023.

We will celebrate this day with a procession led by Aalto University's management team and Aalto University Student Union (AYY) board members, starting from Maarintie 8, heading in the direction of Keilaniemi. Departure time of the procession will be specified later.

You can join the procession right from the start or hop in along the way. The entire campus community is welcome to come and greet Jokeri Light Rail.

Retuperän WBK will provide the celebratory sounds for the welcoming procession.

More information on Jokeri Light Rail

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