CampusOmstart! kicks in 9.3.2022

It is time to return to the campus after too many months at home behind our computer screens. Students and staff, join us at CampusOmstart live on campus on 9 March at 12–16 for music, speakers, activities, services, and most importantly - to be together face to face.

Registration not needed, just show up and see you there!
Omstart 9.3.2022. Image by Suvi Helko / Oasis 2022

Welcome to Otaniemi campus of Aalto University!

Together, Aalto University and AYY are organizing CampusOmstart! event on 9 March 2022. The purpose of the day is to welcome the entire Aalto community to return and get to know our wonderful campus, as studying and working together is one of the best parts of university life.

You can join your classmates and follow remote lectures in designated lecture halls. Your course teachers can tell you which lecture hall will be used.

Starting Point and other student service desks will be open from 10.00 to 16.00. Come take care of your business in person! For the locations, see:

OUBS (Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting System) will broadcast the event live here: CampusOmstart!. The event will be recorded so you can also watch it later.

This event will be photographed for Aalto University communications and marketing purposes. If you wish not to be in the photos, please inform the photographer during the event.


The event kicks off at Korkeakouluaukio, the square in front of Väre at 12.The programme features opportunities to meet members of the Aalto community.  Also included: welcomes from the AYY Student Union Chair Otto Usvajärvi and Aalto University Vice-President Petri Suomala, with other speakers, music by DJ Henqi and RWBK plus an exercise break under sunny skies.

The event will be hosted by our students Rebecca Adrianzen and Iida Koponen.

After the joint session, a number of events will take place around Otaniemi throughout the day. See below for details.


When? What? Where?
13–16 Come knit with us! Research shows that knitting can help concentration, improve memory, promote learning, develop motor skills and reduce stress and pain. So why not come for a moment or more and relax with a piece of knitting. Needles and thread are awaiting you! Lobby
13–16 Come talk with staff of the OASIS of Radical Wellbeing project about how the Aalto community can support your wellbeing and what you can do for the Aalto community. Lobby
13–16 Meet Nitika and Alejandra, peer-support students of Helping Hand. Lobby
13–16 Ask about studies! The ARTS Learning Services pop-up info desk is here to help you. Lobby
13–16 Join Aalto ES (Entrepreneurship Society) Revive in growing a tree of gratitude! Lobby
13–16 How about a movie matinee? Come and view short films by the ELO Film School – popcorn included! The programme of shows is available in the Väre lobby. F005
13–16 Come and build with Aalto Junior by using Littlebits electronic components and straws! Lobby

Undergraduate Center ('Kandikeskus')

When? What? Where?

Come listen to the lecture ‘I am enough: self-compassion and returning to the campus’ (lecture in English)

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused big changes to our everyday life in the last two years. With the loosening restrictions our life is about to change again.  Going back to campus can feel like a huge change. Big changes often have their difficult side and they may evoke many feelings and thoughts. The current crisis situation and uncertainty in the world doesn’t make it any easier. How can self-compassion help us in dealing with change? Self-compassion can be described as an internal force that can help us navigate through the ups and downs of life. Its gentler side gives us permission to treat ourselves with kindness and care when we most need it. Its fierce side can help us to take action to protect ourselves and reach our goals.

Talking on the topic is Saara Ahtola, a crisis worker from the HelsinkiMissio crisis counselling centre for young people.

Hall B
14.15–14.25 & 15.15–15.25 Teekkarispeksi: Dance show Lobby (near hall D)
14.30–15.00 (Finnish) and 15.30–16.00 (English) 30-minute mindfulness sessions led by psychologist Sanni Saarimäki. No need to have any prior knowledge of mindfulness. Everyone is welcome as they are! Y115 (near the Alvari square entrance)
13–16 Music by DJ MeGo Lobby
13–16 Meet Aalto Ventures Program by the orange tent, take a polaroid group photo with your friends and play a game of Crash Team Racing on PlayStation Lobby
13–16 Now that we all return to campus Aalto Design Factory should be your first stop. You can find us among the many prototypes that students have made that are on display at our stand. Come and talk to us to find out more! Lobby
13–16 Chaplain’s café – encounters over a free cup of coffee Lobby, Aino Café
13–16 Come talk with staff of the OASIS of Radical Wellbeing project about how the Aalto community can support your wellbeing and what you can do for the Aalto community. Lobby
13–15 Send thanks or greetings to a member of the Aalto staff. We provide the cards, pens and addresses and will deliver the in-house mail. Lobby
13–16 Get to know Aalto psychologists and what kind of services we provide for students and staff. Lobby
13–16 Is your Japanese getting rusty? Or maybe you fancy starting Portuguese? The Language Centre can help! Lobby
13–16 Contemplating summer studies? Come check out what summer courses the Open University has on offer! Lobby
13–14 Every Move Counts! What does UniSport offer to support your well-being? Lobby
14.30–16.00 Supporting the health of students: the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). Come chat with us about how you feel on returning to the campus. Lobby
13–16 Open doors at the Starting Point of Wellbeing, with condiments including coffee, tea and candy. Y199c
13–16 A new service for all staff! Come check out the Wellbeing Desk, an easy-access service desk for advice and guidance on matters of occupational wellbeing and work ability. Y163

Other events

When? What? Where?
13–15.30 The museum of student culture is open. Free admittance! Jämeräntaival 3 A, lower level.

Non-stop library tours

Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9
Anytime until the end of May Know about Aalwarts, the outdoor puzzle–adventure game for students? If you haven’t played it yet, recruit a friend and read the directions. All around campus

Meet Teacher service’s digipeda specialists in person! 

You can just stop by to say hi, or you can play with us in VR studio. Also, in Ministudio you have an opportunity to get to know mysterious Mr. Lightboard. 

VR-studio, Harald Herlin Learning Centre, K floor 
13.45–18 Climbing Club Oranki asks you to try bouldering on their walls! They offer climbing shoes to borrow. Pesä, Jämeräntaival 3 A 
During the day

Open doors at the student guild rooms and other student spaces.

Aallonhuiput (Aalto Doctoral Student Association): Otakaari 1 U254, klo 12-17

Athene: Konemiehentie 2, 1.krs, klo 12-16

Fyysikkokilta: Otakaari 1 klo 13-16

Inkubio: Otakaari 1 Y134, klo 12-16

Koneinsinöörikilta: Otakaari 4, klo 12-16

KY: Konemiehentie 4, klo 13-16

Maanmittarikilta: Otakaari 4, klo 15 ->

NuDe (Young Designers): Otakaari 1, K106, H-siipi/H-wing, klo 12-14

Prosessiteekkarit: Kemistintie 1 D 2, klo 13-18

Puunjalostajakilta: Vuorimiehentie 1, klo 10-16

Rakennusinsinöörikilta: Otakaari 4 takapiha/back yard, klo 12-18

Sähköinsinöörikilta: Maarintie 8, (perällä, in the back) klo 13-16

TOKYO: Otakaari 1 Y137-139 klo 12-16

Vuorimieskilta: Kemistintie 1 D 2, klo 13-16



When? What? Where?
12–16 Shortcut AALTO is offering fast hairstyles and express haircuts at a flat rate of €20 each non-stop. They are also giving out travel-size Oribe and KMS products for free. Main lobby, A Bloc, Otaniementie 12 (12.00–16.00) & A Blanc, Otakaari 27

Aaltopahvi is offering a 20% discount on all products all day. They are also giving out free Aaltopahvi overall patches (one patch per person).

Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9

The Fat Lizard restaurant and bar is offering the following special prices to Aalto students and staff throughout the day:

  • Sandels 0.4 L = €4
  • Sherwood apple cider 0.4 L = €4
  • Draught long drink 0.33 L = €4
  • House shot (liquorice/salmiak liquorice/fishshot) 4 cl = €3
  • Jaloviina 4 cl = €3

To receive these offers, use the password ‘CampusOmstart’.

Tietotie 1
10.30–16 Subway is offering a free drink with the purchase of any Subway sandwich all day. Konemiehentie 2
15–18 Restaurant Arvo is offering a glass of sparkling wine and an assortment of tapas for €5. School of Business, Ekonominaukio 1

Food & Co A Bloc has on offer the following:

  • Every Novelle Plus buyer will receive a free exercise break session (via an app).
  • Afterwork café & bar, 15–18
  • Fazer chocolate bars are given out to customers
Otaniementie 12

Food & Co TUAS has on offer the following:

  • All ice-creams: –20%
  • Novelle Plus drink and snack bar: €4
Maarintie 8
16–19 Kuntokeskus Liikku fitness club invites you to a free workout from 16.00 to 19.00. Liikku offers its customers hitch-free training with optimally spacious gym rooms, fresh air and extensive opening hours (every day from 5.00 to 23.00).  You can try out Liikku for free, Mon–Fri from 16.00 to 19.00, or become a member at A Bloc, Otaniementie 12
7–23 At K-Market Otaniemi, you can get two 330-ml Nocco drinks for only €3.50. A Bloc, Otaniementie 12

Jungle Juice Bar has on offer the following:

  • Monkey Punch 4dl smoothie €4,49
  • Ginger shot €1,50
  • Tastings 13.00–15.00 at Korkeakouluaukio, the square in front of Väre
A Bloc, Otaniementie 12
16–22 Taproom d20 is offering all tap beers -10% as well as other products with discounted prices. Taproom d20, A Blanc, Otakaari 27 
9–17 Robert’s Coffee Otaniemi is offering a bun of the day and a cappuccino for €4,90.  Harald Herlin Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9
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